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At Ambassador Resources, relationships matter. A lot. That’s why we work intimately with each job candidate to do more than match them with relevant job listings.

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We place job seekers in positions that build meaningful careers in:

But we don’t rely solely on what’s on your resume. Our in-depth intake process is designed to start a long-term relationship with us and with companies that are looking for talent like you.

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Recruiting and Placement that Go Beyond the Listing

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For job seekers dealing with a competitive marketplace or with unusual skill sets, you need a search firm that understands how to tell your story to employers who need what you can do.

At Ambassador Resources, we take the time to really get to know you (and get you!), to understand your background, your skills, and your professional goals.

Ambassador Resources Job Seekers Get to Know You

We employ a more creative approach to talent recruiting and search because we know that what’s on paper doesn’t always reflect your potential. And, because we take the time with employers to find out what they need, we create great matches that benefit both sides of the talent placement table.

Job Interview Preparation

We get that hard skills and soft skills (like communication) are really different. We also know that interviewing for a job can be a bit nerve-wracking for some people. Maybe this is your first time out on the job market ever, or after a long period of time. That’s why the Ambassador Resources team offers guided interviews for our job candidates.

  • We help you to work through the interview questions and show you how to spotlight your strengths.
  • We prepare you for video interviews (so common these days) and advise you on how to best present yourself to employers in that format — voice projection, camera placement, background setup.
  • We’ll do a dry run with you, by phone or video, to conduct a mock job interview as part of your preparation, using actual, possible interview questions.
  • For remote job interviews, we’ll be on the call with you to help guide you through the questions and assist the employer with this process as well, to ensure a smooth interview experience for everyone involved.
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Career Succession Planning

You’ve handled that entry-level position with ease, you’re taking on more responsibility and moving up the corporate ladder. Perhaps you’re in a cushy management role but have your sights set on an executive position. Now what?

Ambassador Resources helps you sort through potential employers and positions to assess which next job will yield the strongest career-building results. With our experience in the recruiting field, our firsthand knowledge of career trends and in-demand skills, and our ever-evolving job listings, we’ll help you move up with a solid strategy in place to reach your career goals.

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Career Coaching for Recent Graduates

Take your degree further by making all the right moves from the get-go—and as you grow professionally—with guidance from Ambassador Resources. We offer career counseling to recent college graduates or those with freshly minted graduate degrees, taking your college advisement to the next level. We know what’s out there, and we know what employers are seeking from people with your qualifications. Let’s set a course together to find you the right first job that will lead to a positive, upward career trajectory.


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